First edit of Book Five is done

The first edit of Book Five is done. Now to move onto the second round of editing. It’s never ending, but I’m not complaining!

I will be making an announcement in the next week or so about advanced readers. I want to enlist a couple of trustworthy Oz fans to read advanced reader copies of Book Five and provide me feedback. I’ll send you paperback versions of the book to read free of charge. All I ask is two things in return.

1. You can’t leak any of the plot developments, including which character dies.
2. Provide feedback for the final, final edit.

That’s it. Like I said, look for an announcement next week sometime. I’ll aslo be announcing the winner of the Kindle Fire very soon!

16 thoughts on “First edit of Book Five is done

  1. Count me in for the drawing, Rich. I still have the Delon City draft and I would KILL for the opportunity to make this book the best possible book it could be.

  2. I have just finished book 4. I am interested to know where the characters are going next. Would also be interested in the advance copies if you are still looking for someone to read and give feedback. I have really enjoyed the books so far.

  3. Very excited for book 5, tell me if I can get one of those prerelease ones for feedback. Just finished after reading the other 3 in almost no time, they are just so engrossing

  4. I’d be interested too & would be find with paper or pdf. It would give me an excuse to re-read 1 through 4 again.

    As an aside, I had Delon City from you in pdf a few years ago after I hounded you for an ebook version. I didn’t realize till my daughter was reading it in paper and we compared notes that we had different versions 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s correct. A publisher had me do rewrites on The Pure, and I did send out a few PDFs to Kindle readers.

      There are different versions of a few of the books done at the request of a publisher. I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing a super top sercret version of the Takers that only three people other than me have seen. I have to think about it because it features more of Stevie and the ending makes it necessary to rewrite all the other books. But, in a lot of ways, I like it better than the original.

      • I think a rewrite would be interesting, learning more about Stevie, since learning about him would make the story more meaningful. I say this because, at least in my opinion, one of the recurring themes of the series is tolerance not only towards mentally challenged people, but all people.

        Also, about my previous offer about offering feedback on book 5, I have an iPad and a Kindle, if a PDF would be any easier than the print version.

      • I have to think of a way to release it without confusing the current timeline. Maybe an “Alternate Universe” or something along those lines.

      • Does the alternate version include that many radical changes that an alternative universe would be necessary?

      • The ending is slightly different and the “Taker Universe” scene has been altered, including an entirely different kind of Taker Queen.

  5. Why didn’t you use this one to begin with if you liked it better?

    • It was written after the original version. I was contacted by the publsher via my agent post-publication. They had plans for Oz and the gang, but they wanted some changes. I agreed to rework the story a bit, but in the end, they didn’t like the rewrites, and they asked me to make a few more changes. I declined because in my opinion the changes they wanted me to make weren’t in the best interest of the story.

      I think the story is stronger with their requested changes. They were afraid I made Oz unlikeable in the rewrites because I examined the ways he bullied Stevie in more detail. We just didn’t see eye-to-eye on the direction of the story.

      • That makes sense now.

        And this is just my opinion since I’ve never read the rewrites, but I think that getting more into how Oz bullied Stevie would make the story more powerful in a way. I think that one of the themes of the story, or at least what I grabbed from it, is tolerance, and examining how Oz bullied Stevie would make that more real and it would give it much more meaning.

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