Melissa Hovey Bigfoot synthetic, but not Clawed costume?

Well, this story keeps getting messier and messier, and illustrates why I haven’t done many of these types of stories lately.  There are way too many unknowns, and I should have just watched from the sidelines.  The creator of Clawed‘s creature costume, John Healy, has come forward to say that the subject in Melissa Hovey‘s Bigfoot picture is NOT the creature from Clawed.  This statement is in direct opposition to the director/producer of the film.  Here’s the information I got from Melissa in an email today:

“…Originally the movie “Clawed” was photographed as “The Unknown” … a working title in which many movies start off as. It then became, “The Ghost of Echo Mountain” from what I understand as the first release of the film. Please correct me if my information is incorrect as you may know more about this than I. The Healy FX Studios did in fact fabricate the suit, Mike Fields was a contractor resposible for overseeing the project, and he was the primary sculptor of the body. The suit, as many are mistaken, did not get sold on Ebay. It was left with the producers in Washigton State where filming occured. Due to a contractual issue, The Healy FX Studios retained the rights for any further fabrication at future dates of the costume. Three costumes were fabricated… All were dressed with roughly the same fur, and none resembled your attached photo. In my opinion, if this was a copy of our “Clawed” sasquatch the fur may have been pulled off and replaced with a longer, multi toned synthetic that appears to be on a lace mesh. I have numerous photos from the shoot but none clearly showing the back alone of the costume…”

Credit goes to Dave Canovor for his investigative work on this.  The costume sold on Ebay was a stunt suit for the movie.  I’m not sure what the difference is, but I’m guessing it’s a scaled down version that allows the actor to have much more freedom of movement.  Healy seems to be indicating in his reply that we are looking at synthetic hair on a lace mesh in Melissa’s photo.  Which can mean only one thing, this particular Bigfoot is wearing a back weave.

Once I again, the only one who can clear this up is Melissa’s source.

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