Banshee Worm King: Book Five of the Oz Chronicles is now available for Kindle.

The Banshee worms are here, and they are ready to feed!

It’s amazing how fast things work.  I literally uploaded the file for BWK yesterday and then made a change an hour later.  By the time I went to be bed, it was (and still is) availble for download on the Kindle store.  If you’re one of the early readers, thank you for your feedback and very kind comments.  If you have the energy and an Amazon account, feel free to share your thoughts about Book Five on Amazon in the form of a review.  But remember please, no spoilers.

Here are some more comments from a few more early readers:

Loved the Worm King, great job… I tried to read real slow and check everything (typos), but couldn’t contain myself and got caught up in the story too much. I guess you should take that as a good sign. – Peter

I have to say that it is probably my favorite installment of the Oz Chronicles to date… Oz is learning that the important decisions in life are rarely black-and-white propositions. You have presented his unique moral dilemma in a manner that young adult readers (and not-so-young readers, like myself) are sure to find highly intriguing and entertaining. – Scott

The series has really drawn me and I couldn’t put this one down. It was pretty heartbreaking when you know who died. – Greg

Thanks for the chance to read Oz 5! That was great! It wasn’t as dark and creepy as the last one (good!! Book 4 went places that were too scary!) but suspenseful enough where it needed to be & kept me up past bedtime.  Oz seems more torn in this one, not just with Lou but his whole role. He’s growing up! – Danielle

The print version will probably be ready in a week.  A few more proofs are being shipped my way.  I’ll look them over for any printing errors and if all goes well, I’ll approve them by Wednesday.  If you’re an Oz fan, thanks for your support and keep spreading the word!

7 thoughts on “Banshee Worm King: Book Five of the Oz Chronicles is now available for Kindle.

  1. Glad to see this is published now!

    But there’s been a question in my mind after reading the ARC of the book. Are the myrmidons loosely based off Katherine Applegate’s Riders in the Remnants series? Or is this just my analytical perspective on things?

    • It’s not based on KA’s series, but we probably both got it from the same source. In my case, they are a mixture of different mythologies. Ant people – there’s a story somewhere about a god turning ants into people to fight a war.

      • Ah, I’d hate to be part of the culture that thought that was real. Anyays, thank you for clearing that up, I just couldn’t help but notice some striking similarities.

  2. When I received the ARC I was afraid to read it, just knowing it hasn’t been released yet, my fast reading on this series I knew it would be a long while before the next one came around. But I sucked it up and just read it, and not surprisingly I was instantly hooked again. It was playin in my head like a long awaited TV Series. I’m reading it at a much slower rate than I would normaly would read a reg book. But this story is so intense and great, I don’t want it to end. Where your mind wonders, I have no clue but I would like to take a trip there and enjoy the awesome orginality of creative thought!

    • You are too kind. Thank you for your comments. I’ve received many comments from readers wanting what’s going to happen to Lou. I can’t say of course, but I’ve decided rather than make everyone wait for the next release before you all get your Oz fix, I will work on Lou’s diaries and post entries here and later I publish them on Kindle, maybe even as a paperback. We’ll see.

  3. Love the idea of Lou’s diaries!

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