My Ireland debut – Writing an author bio

A blog post for which I was paid one pair of Irish pants… I wish!

I’ve gone international.  More precisely, some of my blog posts have gone international.  A writing blog in Ireland just picked up an article I wrote for CreateSpace on writing an author bio.  CreateSpace is a regular gig and occassionally they’ll give permission to other sites to repost material.  I love it because it’s free advertising for me and my books.  My stuff has also appeared on a site in the UK a couple of times.

Here’s a little tidbit from the bio article:

To many, writing an author bio is an enigma wrapped in a riddle buried with Blackbeard’s treasure. It’s hard to know what is and isn’t relevant. What sets one author bio apart from another? Does work experience count? Is it accolades that matter most? What about education – does that make a difference? How can you express who you really are while meeting readers’ expectations of you as an author?

Check out the rest on 

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