Lou’s video diary entry

Notice – If you haven’t finished Book five, there is a bit of a spoiler in the video.

The video diary option was the clear winner in the poll.  Some of you made good points about making the diary available in book form, and I will at some later date.  This is a ‘publish-as-I-write’ project.  It may actually help me with background story for book six.  At any rate, here’s entry one.  The first part of the video is me explaining my plans for the diary.  The entry starts at about 2:35.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Lou’s video diary entry

  1. Now all I need to do is decide between listening to this or watching the trial of Jerry Sandusky.

    • Well, the videos short, and it appears so too was the Sandusky jury’s deliberation.

      • Indeed. Anyways, great entry. Looking forward to seeing (hearing?) more.

        And I can’t wait for the diary to be available in a book form, ebook or otherwise, to give you what you deserve.

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