Movie (and TV) Monday

There’s no use in denying it.  I waste a lot of time watching movies thanks to the Blockbuster kiosk down the street and Netflix via my Wii.  Most of the stuff I watch is horrendously awful, and frankly, I watch them just to see how truly bad they are.  Occasionally, I will discover a movie or TV show I’ve never heard of before that is not only good, but fantastic.  Here’s what I discovered this weekend.

The Good – Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles (Documentary): Not only had I never heard of this movie; I had never heard of the mystery of the Toynbee Tiles.  In the early to mid 80’s, a message started appearing in tiles embedded on the streets of Philadelphia that referenced resurrecting the dead on Jupiter, but the origin of the message was a mystery.  A young runaway, Justin Duerr, became intrigued by the tiles.  He noticed them all over the city.  Over the next 30 years, his fascination turned into an obsession.  He had to know who was placing these tiles in the streets.  His research led him to discover that the messages didn’t just appear in Philadelphia, they appeared all over the East coast and in parts of South America.  He teamed up with others that were spellbound by the mystery and through what only can be described as dogged determination, they eventually find the person behind the tiles.  The movie had me hooked from the first frame.  I found myself pulling for the investigators, and I became totally invested in their adventure.  It was a great way to relax for two hours on a Saturday.  Thank you, Netflix!

The Bad – Project X (Comedy?):  I guess this was supposed to be a comedy, but in the end, it just made me angry that I wasted $2 on it.  I rented it because it was billed as the next Hangover, which is kind of true because I was hungover with regret and despair that this movie found the funding to be produced and released.  It has your typical raunchy teen movie theme; the parents are going out of town and entrusting their good, nerdy kid to watch the house while their away.  Meanwhile, his criminally inclined friends plan a party to get drunk and get laid.  Mayhem ensues.  Horrible writing takes over.  Stilted acting overinflated with every cliché they could dig up invades. And, a ridiculously violent end to the evening leads you to conclude that maybe humanity’s rule over this planet should come to an end if this is all we have to offer in the way of entertainment.   Screw you, Blockbuster kiosk!

The Awesome – The Whitest Kids U’ Know (Comedy!!): I grew up on Monty Python.  I would sit with my dad and watch it on PBS back in the days when we only had five TV channels.  TWKUK is Monty Python 2.0. America’s version of sketch comedy with no restraints.  It is gloriously inappropriate humor that makes spot on, if not totally goofy, commentaries about the absurdly ironic nature of American culture. I watched all 10 episodes of season five of their IFC TV show on Saturday and Sunday, and I was so disappointed when there were no more to watch.  The best of the best was a reoccurring sketch that ran through all 10 episodes called, The Civil War on Drugs.  In essence, two stoners join the war between the states because they think it’s about making pot illegal.  There’s actually even an almost heartwarming plea to young people in one sketch to visit old people in nursing homes…  almost heartwarming.  I love you, Netflix!

This is the tamest clip from TWKUK that I could find to post here.  The show is etremely inappropriate, but funny as hell.

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