A mistake in Banshee Worm King I may not change

My neighor Tommy

Last week I was on vacation in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA.  If you ever have the chance to visit LB, do it.  It’s in Orange County, but it is not the OC you know from that awful reality show.  It’s much classier and friendlier.

While on my vaca in the OC, I got an email from a very impassioned reader.  She gave me some kind remarks about the Oz Chronicles series, and she gave me some constructive criticisms, as well.  One of the things she pointed out was that in Banshee Worm King Stevie is referred to as Tommy at one point.  She didn’t say where, but I’m sure she’s right.  What very few people know is that in the earliest draft of The Takers Stevie’s name was Tommy.  I changed it at the request of my mother because there was a young man named Tommy who took his own life in my home town shortly after I graduated high school.  Tommy was my developmentally challenged neighbor, and while he didn’t create comic books, he wrote bizarrely entertaining science fiction stories.   Mom didn’t feel comfortable with me naming the character after him, so I changed it because I love my mom.

It doesn’t surprise me that I inadvertently called Stevie Tommy because when I think of the character I think of my old neighbor.  He was a great kid, and I frequently think about him.  He loved his stories and was so eager to share them with whomever would listen.

It’s unconventional, but I’m considering leaving the mistake in the book as a tribute to Tommy.  I haven’t made up my mind yet because I’m concerned it may pull people out of the story, but I kind of feel like Tommy should get some sort of nod for the inspiration he provided.

It’s something I’ll have to mull over in my crowded gray matter for the next few days.  Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “A mistake in Banshee Worm King I may not change

  1. That’d be really sweet, Rich. In the cool way and the sentimental way

  2. Richard,
    I noticed that mistake, too. It didn’t really take me out of the story. For one second (ok…or two), I thought that you must have changed the name of the character for a good reason. That maybe you just missed that replacement. I was easily able to move on from it.

    My opinion is you should change it. Let the issues that have been purchased keep the “mistake” and any new books hold the corrected version.

  3. The other problem is finding a lull in sales because when a new file is uploaded it pulls the book offline for a couple of days… not to make this about money. 🙂

  4. Agreed with Laura (on both counts). I, too, was a little confused for a quick minute then thought it was simply an oversight.

    But this is actually a really sweet reasoning. I love that idea that original would obtain the “Easter Egg” but I think the new versions should be edited.

    But that’s just me… I’m not the author. LoL. Just a huge fan!

  5. Somebody suggested doing a dedication and that’s a thought. There’s some logistics involved as far design and ISBN.

    I should point out that I don’t know the circumstances of Tommy’s death and the similarities between Stevie and Tommy end with them both being sweet, misunderstood guys who loved creating stories.

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