6 thoughts on “Lou’s Diary – Entry 4 (Video)

  1. I realize it’s probably editing, but the quick flash in and out is kind of disrupting. The ending of this entry with the close up was awesome, though. I’m more curious with what she’s doing during her days. Sure, she’s hungry and cold, but what does she DO? Sit around waiting for sleep? Sleep all the time? Sit and bitch about her life? Surely there are other things she’s doing…and I want to know what they are. Is she going somewhere? Just waiting on the mountain? For what? Isn’t she the least bit curious who FT is? Doesn’t she want to find out? What are her thoughts about why she’s still there? Give me more!! I’m hungry for more.

    • I made a rookie mistake. I didn’t give myself a long enough pause at the end of each segment so they end a little abruptly. I looked away from the camera as soon as I stopped reading. Thanks for the feedback! It’s great!

  2. Agree with the previous poster. This was my favorite Lou entry so far. I’m totally hooked. I want to know more.

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