Oz Chronicles T-Shirt?

The following comment was posted by Laura on the blog last week.

This just came to me as I was reading this entry. I would SO purchase an Oz t-shirt or sweatshirt if it looked really cool. Have you thought of creating them? At the very least, what about CafePress…put your web site on it…OH! Make it like a concert t-shirt, with the names of the books on the back!! And a cool picture of the Oz gang on the front…or the monsters…

I attempted to do t-shirts years ago, but I wasn’t happy with the way they turned out, so I never really promoted them.  But, Laura has planted the seed in my head that I might need to give it another try.  Here’s my first design attempt for the front pocket area.  What do you think?

Possible t-shirt design

Also, Laura suggested putting the titles of the books on the back.  That’s an idea, but if you have any thoughts, let me know.

14 thoughts on “Oz Chronicles T-Shirt?

  1. Richard, I think the t-shirt idea is great. As to the front design, I approve totally. Book titles on the back sounds cool, but the series would have to be complete, wouldn’t it? Don’t know about waiting that long…..

    • That is a consideration when it comes to the back design. The title for the next book is “The Last Creyshaw,” but that’s subject to change, and I’m 50/50 on the title of the last book. I toyed with the idea of putting “I am creyshaw!” on the back.

  2. If you could get someone artistic to come up with a comic drawn cast ala the link at the bottom for Firefly, I’d buy a bunch and send ’em to all my friends. LoL.




    Awesome Oz shirt that would be colorful and interesting enough to warrant folks asking “Um, who are they and where can I read about how awesome they are?”

    I like your Oz logo concept, and I REALLY like the idea of having the books on the back, but I think some should be made available (even through Cafe Press) of the cast because, at least in my experience, those are the ones that sell and those are the ones that generate the commentary.

    • I’d love to find someone that can draw in the comic book style. My dream is to one day create a graphic novel version or comic book series out of the Oz Chronicles. Weirdly, Oz’s story has a kind of an “origins” tale-vibe to it, so it’s a natural transition.

  3. Another option for back: “Can he save the world he destroyed?”

  4. T-Shirts…Yes please….Like the Oz logo as well….One idea
    On the front of the shirt (probably have to be black), the red eyes from the cover of The Takers….on the back right below the neck line, the Oz logo in white, and printed in the same red as the eyes “They can’t see you if you don’t notice them”…..
    Another idea, on the front of the shirt; The big Oz logo….on the back “I survived the end of the world only to see it end again”

    Won’t waste anymore time with ideas unless you want more. Regardless, I will buy them.


    Oh yeah,
    Lou’s diary is continuing to keep me on the ege of my seat. Amazing.


  5. Excellent concept for the t-shirt. I might say this looks more like the Bigfoot in Lost Days. I would definitely buy one, though.

    • Yeah, I struggled with which character to feature. I tried to make the physical description in the book as vague as possible, so the reader can draw on their own memories for details. Ajax and Kimball are the only ones that I’m pretty sure we’re all picturing the same thing as far as looks. Gorillas are my favorite so Ajax won!

  6. I like the shirt idea, especially featuring Ajax. As a web designer though, I have to mention that it looks a lot like the Papyrus font and that’s right up there in design sin level with Comic Sans. I’m no font-ologist though, so it’s hard for me to find a better alternative. Plus, it’s mostly designers who notice this sort of thing. Everyone else could not care less. It’s also what you’ve been using for a while now, so I may just need to get over it 🙂

  7. Love your t-shirt design….”Ajax” on the front and “I Am Crayshaw” on the back. You could also do a series of shirts with different characters on the front and their tag lines on the back.

  8. So…anyword on when can expect some Oz t shirts? Just wondering with the holidays coming up and all

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