The Martians answer to Curiosity

I wonder what evolution had in mind with this guy.

This little guy paid us a visit today at the house.  Apparently, the Martians are trying to figure out what we’re up to, as well.  Any ideas what kind of moth this is?

6 thoughts on “The Martians answer to Curiosity

    • Fitting name.

      I’m working on a couple of books right now. My head keeps hopping from premise to premise. I’m having a blast writing a tale about a moonshiner in Tennessee. Same kind of simple folk atmosphere as Two Notch. It might eventually reach the finish line first.


  1. The weird thing is a friend of mine posted a picture of an Imperial Moth. It was much scarier than mine.

    • lol, I find moths scary. I figure some day a detective will be looking over my dead body with a look of abject fear while clutching a box (mailed with no return address) with a strange kind of dust inside, and my 5 cats happily munching & hunting moths…. My apologies on the misidentification — though they belong in the same family. The pics I had found and the pic you had made it sound like the male of the Imperial Moth. Wiki is a quick reflex on my part to post as a reference, but it is more of a jumping point. This site is better, but I can only handle it for a few minutes at a time. ;P

      (The correct identification of your moth, and had I made a greater effort to work on my phobia and do better research… again, my sincerest apologies!)


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