Lou’s Diary – Entry 8 (text version)

Turns out living with body parts isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I did my best to pretend like it didn’t bother me for last the two days.  I tried ignoring them, talking to them, I even sat and just stared at them for an hour or so to try and force myself to get used to them.  But, I just couldn’t get past the ugliness of the pile.

They were people torn to bits and parts.  Skin and meat and bone stacked and displayed in ways that shouldn’t have been.  The thought of them sitting in the corner played tricks on my mind as soon as the darkness set in.  I imagined them squirming around, inching their way towards me.  Sleep did not come easy with that sort of thing running around in my mind.

So, I did the only thing that I could.  I moved the parts to a spot behind a tree about 50 yards deep in the woods.  I stacked them just as neatly as they were in the fire tower.  I explained to them that it wasn’t personal.  I even tried to convince them they’d enjoy the fresh air.

In the move, I discovered that not all the parts belonged to people.  There were animal parts in the mix: deer, cow, pig, dog, I even found a bears head hidden in the back under a rib cage that could have belonged to a person or animal.

All the parts are out of the tower now, and I can breathe a little easier, but to be honest, I do kind of feel lonelier.  I wonder if they feel lonelier without me.

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