The Man Who Saved Two Notch will be free!

I’ve read all of R.W.Ridleys books but this was by far the best! – T Jones

The best hillbilly backwoods adventure story I’ve had the pleasure to read in my lifetime…5+ stars!!! – Dave H

The Man Who Saved Two Notch (Two Notch for short) will be free on Kindle from September 1 – September 5.  That’s this coming Saturday – Wednesday for you days-of-the-week-o-philes.  Two Notch is my first published title under R.W. Ridley written for an older audience than The Oz Chronicles books.  Rather than me give you my author pitch, here are some actual reviews of the book from bona fide readers. I feel compelled to point that out given the current “paying for reviews” controversy going on in the publishing world right now.  Of the 100+ reviews I have on Amazon, I paid for zero.  It’s made my literary rise a bit slower than the chumps that have paid for hundreds of positive reviews on retail sites, but at least I know the reviews are real.  The whole paying for positive reviews thing irks me, and I’ll get into it in a later post.

ACTUAL reviews of The Man Who Saved Two Notch

Dave H  – “The Man Who Saves Two Notch” by R.W. Ridley is a remarkable coming-of-age adventure/horror novel filled with ingratiating, quirky, peculiar, riveting, and sometimes poignant, backwoods characters that will make you smile, laugh, lament, gasp, forgive, and overtly cheer for again and again. To say I was amazed with the storyline would be a gross understatement, “I absolutely loved this story!” The first 80 pages are a bit slow but after that the story accelerates at breakneck speed. Be forewarned there are copious amounts of profanity throughout the story! The best hillbilly backwoods adventure story I’ve had the pleasure to read in my lifetime…5+ stars!!!

T. Jones – I’ve read all of R.W. Ridley’s books but this was by far the best! At first it was kind of slow but it picked up the pace about a quarter into the book and I could not put it down. You fall in love with all the characters, especially little Henry who knows nothing about the real world outside of Two Notch. Some parts made me laugh out loud!

Mojoriesen – I truly enjoyed this book and don’t feel I can do it justice in a short review, but here it goes… I’m a big fan of Ridley’s Oz Chronicles series (and highly recommend them as well) and was curious if I would enjoy this one. The characters and back story pulled me in right away. Abel Decker is the anti-hero the town seeks to recruit in hopes of saving their town. Not to be cliché, but he’s the man you love to hate. Ridley’s storytelling and scene-setting captured me right off the bat just his Oz Chronicles did. Two Notch is definitely geared more towards an adult audience than Ridley’s Oz series though, but that was a good thing IMHO. Some of the story may not be appropriate for younger audiences.  So what are you waiting for? Buy this book and read it! Check out his other books their reviews. Once you read one you’ll want to read them all.

HairyPete – I love the seemingly post-apocalyptic-world type scenarios that R.W. Ridley created in the Oz Chronicles and this one is no exception. It has a different, perhaps darker feel, but the characters still resonate in a familiar way. The book didn’t appeal to me in the first chapter, and I only kept reading because of the Author’s previous work, but then it grabbed me and I couldn’t put it pown. A great no-nonsense read.

Two Notch is my homage to the great Cormac McCarthy and Charles Portis.  Both men can writer circles around me, but the way they develop characters and tell a story are what I strive to emulate some day. They are masters, and I am their humble, invisible student.

BTW – You’ll notice that all the reviews talk about it being slow in the beginning. It is compared to The Oz Chronicles, and that’s how all these readers came to know me.  Two Notch builds character before jumping into the action.  There is a lot of blood, guts, and gore in this book, but to make it a tad grittier than my young adult novels I loaded the beginning with back story to give you a sense of the utter poverty and destitution these characters endure on a daily basis.

So, tell your friends, family, and strangers The Man Who Saved Two Notch will be free on Kindle from September 1 – September 5.   If you’ve read Two Notch, and you enjoyed it, please post a review on Amazon.  Reviews on sites like Amazon really do help sell books.  If you’ve read Two Notch and didn’t enjoy it, keep that crap to yourself. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much!!! I love your writing style and storytelling.

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