Lou’s Diary – Entry 11

My heart is pumping a hundred miles an hour!  It’s been – I don’t know how long since my last entry.  Everything has been a blur since I went into the woods and returned the rubber wrist band to the body parts.  I was jumped.  A guy and girl came out of nowhere when I stepped out of the tree line.

I was so focused on the shelter I found.  I just let my guard down.  It was so stupid.  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  I didn’t even have time to put up a fight.  The guy charged me and knocked me flat on my back.  I could have taken him if I had seen him coming.  The girl flashed a knife in my face before I knew what was happening.

They called each other Pain and Fury.  He was Pain.  She was Fury.  It was pretty obvious they were nuts.  They tied my hands behind my back and forced me to the fire tower and practically dragged me up the stairs, screaming like idiots all the way to the top.

They trashed the cabin.  For no reason.  They just tore it apart.  They kept yelling, “Pain and Fury own this place!”  I tried to get them to calm down at first, but they stuffed a rag in my mouth and blindfolded me.  I sat in the corner and just listened to them senselessly throw things on the floor.  It was crazy.

They laughed and screamed and destroyed everything they could.  When there was nothing left to break, they finally settled down.  They talked about killing me.  Fury even pressed the cold blade of the knife against my cheek.  Pain said stabbing me was too boring.  He was tired of killing things with a knife. He wanted to kill me in a fun way.

Lucky for me he couldn’t think of a fun way.  He was too tired.  He wanted to sleep on it.  I heard them walk to the center of the room and things got really quiet.  I leaned my head against the wall and worked the blindfold loose until I could see under it.  They were asleep on top of the overturned lockers.

I twisted and jerked trying to work my hands free.  They may have been crazy, but they knew how to tie a knot. I scooted forward.  If I could stand, I just might be able to get out the door without them hearing me.  I worked to get on my knees but stopped when I heard a sound.

Bang.  The same banging from the night before.  It was coming back.

I managed to stand and tried to quietly move to the corner of the room to the right of the door.  It was the only place where I could even remotely hide The problem was I could barely see under the blindfold, and I tripped on nearly everything in my path.  Fury and Pain never even flinched.  They were dead to the world.

I pressed up against the corner just as the heavy footsteps stopped.  I heard the strange crying again.  The door slowly pushed open.  It stepped into the room, but it was still hidden by the door.  Pain and Fury slept.  Another step, I could make out a foot.  There was something off about it.  I couldn’t tell exactly what because of the stupid blindfold.

Fury stirred.  She mumbled something in her sleep.  Pain told her to shut up.  I wanted to scream, “Open your eyes you idiots!” But, I didn’t dare.  I pressed myself against the wall and tried to breathe quietly.

Finally, Fury rolled on her back and opened her eyes.  She let out a scream that was so loud I thought it would bring down the fire tower.  The thing at the door reached out, grabbed her ankle, and yanked her outside so quickly I couldn’t get a good look at it.  It was just a blur.  If I didn’t have the stupid blindfold on, maybe I could have seen it.

Pain sat up and yelled out for his fellow nutcase.  He got up and stood in front of the open door yelling her name over and over again.  He looked in my direction and got the word “What,” out of his mouth before he was ripped out the door.  I swear I could hear his bones snapping he was pulled out so violently.

I fell to my knees.  I was next.  My hands were tied behind my back.  I couldn’t see.  I could barely breathe.  The room started to spin.  The last thing I remember before passing out was falling forward.

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