The Oz Chronicles passes a milestone

101 reviews and counting

So, we indie authors count victories in smaller increments than the big boys.  For instance, the Oz Chronicles books just passed a tiny milestone.  The five books just went over the 100 reviews mark on Amazon.  Collectively, they have a total of 101 reviews to be exact.  Even cooler, only one review is a one star review, but I count that one as a badge of honor because it was a mother who made her boys stop reading the books because – well, why don’t I just post the review so there’s no chance I misquote the woman.

Terrible………My teen boys love to read so I am always looking for a good series. I typed in teen fiction and this series popped so I bought all of them. After they were almost done with the series, I asked them what it was about. By the time their description was over I felt like I wanted to throw up. What had I subjected them to? I couldn’t believe the gore details they described. Sure that I had not subjected my Sons to this type of disgusting reading, I had them read aloud. I made them stop and took the books away. I cannot believe that these were in the teen section. Gross, Gore, Evil, Blood, Guts……….I’m so full of regret that I had ever bought these. The series should not be listed anywhere near teens. In fact, it should be labeled with a parental advisory. I think I’ll burn the books. I will use much more discretion with my selections from now on!

Thanks to all who are among the 101 reviewers (even the mother who wants to burn them).  You’ve helped me sell books over the years, and I can’t ask for more than that.

9 thoughts on “The Oz Chronicles passes a milestone

  1. CONGRATS! Proud to be one of the 101.
    Keep writing!

  2. That’s great, RW! I, too, am happy to have given a review…in spite of all the blood, guts, and EVIL!

  3. Laura and Deacon – A big thanks to you both!

  4. I get that these are teen books, I am 11 years old and I absolutely LOVE these books. I honestely couldn’t put it down. Glad to be 1 out of 101 people. Please keep writing!

  5. That one star review was the stuff authors’ dreams are made of.

    Your books are awesome. I don’t read this genre, so finding your book was a complete accident (for some reason Takers comes up in the search for baby books), but I’m glad it happened. I am HOOKED on your work. You are one of the most amazing writers whose work I’ve had the pleasure of indulging. These books scare me senseless, and I don’t scare easily at all. You have a fan for life in me.

  6. My 13 year o,d son and i are both waiting for the next book in this series to be released. Any news on a release date. Amazing books that i could not put down.

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