An update on Megan Sharpton’s murder investigation

Help bring Megan Sharpton’s killer/killers to justice.

A short time ago I wrote about the gruesome murder of one of my high school classmate’s daughter, Megan Sharpton.  There’s no reason to repeat the details of this heinous crime, but there is an unfortunate update to the story.  The investigation has moved along to the point where the police and TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) have an undisclosed number of suspects.  They are in the process of gathering evidence and waiting on lab results.  That’s all good and hopeful.

The unfortunate part is one of the suspects is now threatening Megan’s family.  He approached a member of the family at a Tullahoma High School football game and made hostile remarks.  He (and perhaps his accomplices) may have even resorted to firing gunshots at Megan’s grandmother’s home. The district attorney in the case has been slow to take action either because his hands are tied by the nature of the legal system or because of other reasons beyond my comprehension.

As you can imagine, Megan’s mother, Kelly Sharpton, is frightened for the safety of her family and for the community.  This individual is at large and may be even brazenly stocking and intimidating those closest to Megan.  I’m guessing he is unhappy that the family is offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest.  If he is the killer, he’s putting his freedom at peril by manifesting his fear of discovery into such loathsome and repulsive behavior on a very public level.

He should know that the discovery he fears is inevitable.  He will be caught.  There are others who know what he did.  There’s an entire community on his heels. The police have him on their radar, maybe even under surveillance. There’s an army of online watchdogs digging for information on him. He may even be his own worst enemy.  I imagine he gets drunk or high frequently.  He’s probably talked openly about what he did.  He thinks people are afraid to talk, or perhaps he thinks he’s only told people he considers confidants.  But they’ve talked.  In an inebriated state, they’ve confided in others what they know about him.  The whispers of his deed are spreading.  There is a growing web of informants eager to tell someone what they know.  Every person he sees has the potential of being the one to bring him down.  Every person.  There is no one he can trust in his world.  Deep down, he knows it, too. His only logical move at this point is to turn himself in because the longer he waits the longer he has to endure the unbearable stress of looming discovery. It’s the only way he’ll find even a shard of peace.

To the people of Tullahoma, help keep the Sharptons and your community safe.  Don’t put yourselves in harm’s way, but report any suspicious activity or any information (no matter how insignificant you think it may be) to the local authorities.

Tullahoma Police Department – 931-455-0530

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office – 931-967-2331

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation – 1-800-TBI-FIND

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