My sex video

I just finished a new manuscript for a book titled Whiskey Man.  It’s a hillbilly story about moonshiners and meth dealers.  It is not for young adults.  It’s full of violence and… SEX.  Believe it or not, I didn’t intend for there to be any sex in this book.  But, as a writer you look for ways for your characters to grow through various challenges, and sex was the perfect obstacle for the main character.

The problem is that I now have a branding problem. I am known in certain circles for writing a young adult series called the Oz Chronicles, but as an artist, I like to explore different categories and genres.  The question:Do I damage my brand by writing about sex in my non-young adult titles? Am I allowed to write about sex?

9 thoughts on “My sex video

  1. I am intrigued. The answer to your question is quite simple though, and you already know it…as an artist, it would be silly to put constraints on your work. There is NO compelling reason why you cannot (or should not) write for young adults AND not-so-young adults (such as myself).
    Personally, I believe I’ve got a few years on you, but I have enjoyed ALL your books, just the same. If you are concerned about alienating your younger audience by incorporating more “adult material” in some of your work, just be up front about it (as you have been) and I believe your younger fans and their grown-ups will be cool with it.
    I look forward to reading “Whiskey Man”.

  2. I have to agree with Deacon. As long as you are up front (like you were with Two Notch and it’s more adult language) the RW Ridley brand should remain good. That being said, there are folks that will read it and blame you for trying to sneak one in on em regardless of how obvious you market it towards adults and not young adults. I’m looking forward to reading this personally. Keep up the good work.

  3. I would, and will, read any book you write. I’m in my 40’s and read every Oz book you’ve written without being “turned off” by it being targeted to the YA market. As a writer you should explore other characters and topics for the non YA fan base…after all who purchased those Oz books for the YAs (lol). If The Man Who Saved Two Notch is a sample of your gift of non YA storytelling….bring it on!!!!

  4. Thanks, Jim and Lissette for you comments and input. I got some advice from a branding expert who made some good points and members of my family have weighed in. It is more than likely that I’ll be going with a pen name. I will be announcing it here in a week or so. The best reason I got is that apparently Kindle recommends books by author’s you’ve read. I don’t want kids to get a recommendation for this book.

    • Ah…I never thought about Amazon’s recommendation system. Using a pseudonym is certainly a good idea to avoid the possibility of children being “steered” toward this adult type of material.

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