The Last Creyshaw: Book Six of the Oz Chronicles

Guess what I did this morning?  I worked on Book Six.  Yes, I did.  Guess what I’ll be doing every day for the next 40 days or so?  Finishing the first draft of Book Six.  Yes, I will.

That is all.  Yes, it is.


12 thoughts on “The Last Creyshaw: Book Six of the Oz Chronicles

  1. Looking forward to it. I just finished reading The Man Who Saved Two Notch, and very much enjoyed that one in the interim while waiting for the next Oz book.

  2. Awsome…can’t wait!! Does this mean the other projects you’ve mentioned are going on the back burner?

  3. Am I stoked about this? YES, I AM!

  4. I am so Pumped! Can’t wait!

  5. I’ll be posting a daily word count starting Monday. I’m doing that more for me than anything else. If I know I’m being watched, I’ll keep on pace.

  6. As far as my other projects, I’m still wresting on what to do on that front. It’s made a few people very, very nervous.

  7. ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!!

  8. YEAH!!!! This makes me excited. I check your blog regularly and have been following Lou’s diary, just to get a little Oz fix.

  9. Can’t wait for this book! Loved the last one a lot, it was the best in the series, really hoping that you can top it.

    And to R.W.,
    Are you still thinking of releasing Lou’s Diary in either paperback or Kindle? It would be a definite buy for me.

  10. Great news!!

    and yes, would love to have Lou’s Diary for Kindle!

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