Lou’s Diary – Entry 19 (text version)

There is a man with the boy.  I’ve seen them twice now from the deck.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with the man but he’s always making big gestures with his arms when he speaks to the boy.  He’s probably crazy.  I think we’re all crazy, those of us that are left.  Even the made up ones like me.

They’ve disappeared into the woods several times only to reappear with armloads of body parts.  I watch them carry them until I lose sight of them under the cover of the huge pine trees.  I don’t know what they were doing with the body parts, but if I had to guess, I ‘d say they were destroying them in some way.

I am afraid they will make their way to my area eventually and find my pile of body parts.  My sweet, innocent pile of body parts.  They’d want to hurt it.  I couldn’t let them do that.  I won’t let them do that.  I’ll kill them both if they try.

Maybe I should kill them anyway.  Just to be safe.  Maybe that’s what my pile of body parts wants.  I must find out its name.   I haven’t seen it in days, so I haven’t been able to see its hands.  I suppose I don’t have to follow Floyd’s naming method I could come up with my own.

I found a map when I was cleaning up after Rage and Fury wrecked the place. The fire tower is on the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey.  I suppose that’s as good a name as any.  Jersey.  That’s my pile body parts name, Jersey.   I can’t wait to tell it.

I am a little worried that I won’t see Jersey again.  The incident with Rage and Fury may have scared it off.  They were such awful people.  Jersey may think that I’m like them.  I’m not.  I’m not like anyone.  I’m not anyone.

I wish I was Jersey.  Jersey is made up off all these different things.  Jersey is precious and important.  I am just a made up girl who doesn’t matter, but Jersey isn’t just real.  Jersey is everything that’s real.

And the boy and the man want to take that away.  They want to kill Jersey.  I won’t let them.  I’ll kill them.  That’s what I’ll do.  I will kill them to keep everything safe.

Jersey is everything.

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