Bigfoot, Screaming Goats & the Ketchum Paper

I’m afraid only Bigfoot fans and diehard skeptics will understand this video.   I cut together comments made by Dr. Ketchum with comments made by David Winters (bonafide geneticist).  The screaming goat perfectly encapsulates my frustration.

This is what I imagine a debate about the Ketchum paper might sound like.

A song for the frustrated Bigfooters

I’ve purposely not commented on Dr. K’s newly released DNA paper because I’m waiting for those with bonafide chops in the study of such things as genetics and other science-e endeavors to weigh in with conclusive opinions. The behavior of some of the individuals publicly involved in the study is leading me down a very cynical path.  To be frank, I don’t like what I’m seeing and it leads me to believe that something less than honorable is afoot.  Let’s call that a suspicion not a indictment.  Suffice it to say, I’m keeping up with the drips and tiny bits of information coming out, and if I feel I need to comment, I will.

For now, here’s an original song by Youtuber mctrmt that sums up how I feel.  I give you Wake Up Matilda.

A Powerful anti-bullying video

I can’t remember who brought this video to my attention, but it has stuck with me since I saw it. Frankly, this is what Youtube was made for, to get messages like this out there. I’m drawn to the topic of bullying since in essence that is what my Oz Chronicles books are about (a bully dealing with the the hell he created).

Speaking of Oz – Book Six is coming. I promise. I’m on it. The closer I get to completion the less time I’ll have to post Lou’s diary entries, so it’s a good thing… no really, it is.

I’ve also got to do a better job of posting on this blog. I’ll be posting more and more over the next weeks and months, They may be short and useless posts, but hey, aren’t those the best blog posts?

Under the weather

I’m not feeling 100% today.  I had a simple little procedure on my eye that included some old school torture techniques, and as a result I find myself getting headaches when I read or sit in front of the computer for too long.  I have to be really selfish and not post a entry from Lou’s diary today.  Next week, I’ll post a reading of more from Book Six of the Oz Chronicles as a makeup.

I’m busy wrestling bears today

So, there will be no entry from Lou’s Diary this week.  In fact, we may be looking at a permanent shift in my schedule.  Things are tightening up for me time-wise, so I may go to a bi-monthly posting of Lou’s Diary.  It’s a necessary change so I can pick up the pace on Book Six and get it out the door and into your hands.

He totally misunderstood me when I questioned his right to bear arms.

He totally misunderstood me when I questioned his right to bear arms.