Wattpad and me

So, I’m doing this Wattpad thing, and I’m not sure what to make of it at this point.  While I’m writing Book Six of the Oz Chronicles, I am posting completed chapters of another book in progress, The Tree Readers, on Wattpad two times a day.  To date, I have about 79,000 words written, and each chapter is about 1,000 words long. It’s a book I started about two years ago, and I work on it in between other projects.  It’s actually a very special book to me because I started it while my mother was ill, and I would send her chapters that my sister would read to her.  Apparently, she enjoyed the story.  It’s a little difficult getting back into with a lot of enthusiasm knowing she won’t be able read the finished product.

That aside, Wattpad is a foreign concept to me, and I’m not sure what will come of it.  I’m not expecting much because I am a stranger in a strange land.  I’m about 30 years older than the typical Wattpadian from what I can tell, and after reading the forums, I discovered that it’s common practice for writers to “vote” for their own work.  I’ve been doing it, but it feels a little self-indulgent.

There’s no danger in me becoming a bright shining star on Wattpad because The Tree Readers is about 800,000 reads behind the top science fiction story.  If you are so inclined, and you want to see what The Tree Readers is all about, I encourage you to join Wattpad and read along.

And yes, Book Six is coming!

5 thoughts on “Wattpad and me

  1. Just joined…thanks for heads up!! And I just added The Tree Readers to my library 🙂

  2. Me too, just joined. Thanks!

  3. I just d/l The Tree Reader as I, patiently, wait for CoO VI and all I have to say is whoa!! Talk about getting into the mind of a character. Serious subject matter, and great storytelling.

  4. I tried the wattpad thing but it turned out to be another distraction from writing instead of a promoter or inspirer of writing, and I’m only 28.

    Instead I’m using Zoetrope to post stories when I want critical feedback. It’s great and forces you to read and review others!

    • Zoetrope? I’m way out of the loop. I used to be fairly regular on that site about 8 years ago. I tried Triggerstreet for awhile, too. I’ll have to revisit both sites.

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