How to be a real man

As I do some last minute tinkering on the Kindle file for The Gore, here is a video featuring Sir Patrick Stewart, the iconic Captain Picard of Star Trek Next Generation, responding to a question he received from a young woman at Comicpalooza in Texas.  It’s worth watching if you want to know what it takes to be a decent human being and a real man.


Will I or won’t I?

Oz's While Album

Oz’s White Album

Will I make my self-imposed June 3 deadline for the release of The Gore: Book Six of the Oz Chronicles?  As the Magic 8 Ball might put it, It is decidedly so.  My final draft is done. Is it what I expected?  No.  I have a basic idea of where the story is going once I start writing, but when I get in the thick of things, I let Oz lead the way, and he throws me curve balls every so often.

I’m releasing the Kindle version first.  It just makes sense since Kindle rules the world.  There will be a print version that will follow probably about mid-June.

This is the next to last Oz book, and I know how the series will end in Book Seven. I need some time away from Oz in order to get a refreshed perspective and do it right, so I’m not nearly ready to give out even an approximate release date for that book.  After it is released I’m toying around with putting the entire series in one long, long book. I’m even considering throwing in a special bonus with that compilation.  I’ll have more on that in the months ahead.

The image is the possible cover.  I thought about going with something with a bit more gore, but in the end, I thought that was too on the nose.  I’m still tinkering.  Feel free to weigh in.

The Takers and Book Six

I’m working like hell to make the June 3 deadline on Book Six. It is going to come down to the wire, but starting Monday, I’ll give daily reports on my progress.  The title has changed.  It’s now called The Gore: Book Six of the Oz Chronicles. 

The Takers is getting the audio treatment.  A voice actor by the name of John Anthony David is working on the recording for the audio book, and I believe we’re shooting for the end of June as the completion date. 

Speaking of The Takers.  It will be free for Kindle from Saturday, May 18 – Wednesday, May 22.  Tell your friends!