Will I or won’t I?

Oz's While Album

Oz’s White Album

Will I make my self-imposed June 3 deadline for the release of The Gore: Book Six of the Oz Chronicles?  As the Magic 8 Ball might put it, It is decidedly so.  My final draft is done. Is it what I expected?  No.  I have a basic idea of where the story is going once I start writing, but when I get in the thick of things, I let Oz lead the way, and he throws me curve balls every so often.

I’m releasing the Kindle version first.  It just makes sense since Kindle rules the world.  There will be a print version that will follow probably about mid-June.

This is the next to last Oz book, and I know how the series will end in Book Seven. I need some time away from Oz in order to get a refreshed perspective and do it right, so I’m not nearly ready to give out even an approximate release date for that book.  After it is released I’m toying around with putting the entire series in one long, long book. I’m even considering throwing in a special bonus with that compilation.  I’ll have more on that in the months ahead.

The image is the possible cover.  I thought about going with something with a bit more gore, but in the end, I thought that was too on the nose.  I’m still tinkering.  Feel free to weigh in.

5 thoughts on “Will I or won’t I?

  1. I LOVE IT!!
    You will let us know the precise moment it hits Kindle availability?

  2. I like it!
    Considering Lou’s Diary entries, it seems that hands are an important element of this story, and there’s just enough “gore” as a nod to the monsters as well as the dark turn Oz’s story seems to be taking.

    • Thanks! I had an entirely different background that featured blizzard like conditions, but I turned the background layer off to make some adjustments to the text, and I instantly thought the white background better represented the cold. That with the dramatically red hand print just seemed to fit.

  3. I agree, Richard. The plain white background really does convey the starkness of winter. I think the addition of snow would,as you say, be a bit too “on the nose”.

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