The Gore is live

Book Six is live!

Book Six is live!

That’s an odd way to put it for a book about dead things, but these are the publishing times we live in.  The Gore: Books Six of the Oz Chronicles is live in the Kindle store.  I uploaded about 11:00 pm last night, and I made my last change to the manuscript at 10:50 pm last night.  That is the great and horrible thing about the ebook format.  You can fix and screw things up literally just hours before the rest of the world has access to it.

I kept the cover as is, and I entered a very brief description.  The cover could change somewhat over the next few weeks, and the description will certainly change.

There is just one more installment of the Oz Chronicles left to write. In a lot of ways, writing a series is a foolish undertaking, and I wouldn’t recommend it to beginning writers.  There is a lot on the line with each new book.  You have to tear down and rebuild character archetypes, and you have to find someway to be both consistent and unpredictable. It can wreak havoc on your sleeping habits.

Stay tuned for information on the print version.

9 thoughts on “The Gore is live

  1. Great installation. As soon as I saw it was out, I got it. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    Thanks. By the way, nice ending….no spoilers here, but not what I expected at all.

    Sad that Oz is coming to an end, but really looking forward to the final installment.

    Thanks for the great work!

    • Wow! That was fast. 🙂 I’ve barely had time to decompress. Thank you!

      • Yeah, I couldn’t help it. Kept trying to put it down, to save a little bit for later….just couldn’t not pick it back up. Big kudos to you. Not that way with every book I’ve read lately.

        Please let us know as soon as the paperback comes out.

        Seriously, thanks again for the hard work.


  3. I happened to spot one of the other books for free and thought uh-oh #6 must be done! yeah!

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