The horrible things I do

I am! Really! I meant it!

I am! Really! I meant it!

I’ve been inexcusably absent from the blog for months, and frankly my book sales show it.  They’ve dropped pretty significantly, and that’s not good when you consider ebook pricing has already cut into my income.  Oy, those little buggers are cheap.  Pay attention indie authors, inactive blogs are useless.  This one will be inactive no more.

I am busy doing horrible things to fictional people.  Right now I’m trying to wrap up a new C. Hoyt Caldwell book.  This one is about human trafficking.  As you can imagine, it’s emotionally draining.  You may wonder why I chose to write such a story.  I didn’t.  It chose me.  That’s sounds like metaphysical, ethereal nonsense, I know, but there’s no other way to explain why I’m writing this thing.  I’ve been reading the first few chapters to my lovely wife, and it struck me that I really do awful things to my characters.

Which brings me to Book Seven of the Oz Chronicles.  As soon as the new Caldwell book is done, I’ll start in earnest on the final installment of Oz’s journey.  And yes, horrible things await Oz, Wes, Lou, Gordy, Ajax, and the others.  I hope to throw a little light in there too, but we shall see.

Until then, keep an eye out for C. Hoyt’s new book The Little Deputy and the Closeout Kings.

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