#IndieBookWednesday – Jonny Bails Floatin by J. Lee Glassman

A tale that will light up your life!

A tale that will light up your life!

I wrote a blog post for CreateSpace encouraging indie authors to spotlight deserving indie books that would otherwise go unnoticed.  The one rule is it cannot be their own books.  In an effort to practice what I preach, I’d like to recommend an indie book to you today that I found entertaining.

That book is Jonny Bails Floatin by J. Lee Glassman.  It’s a Florida Keys tale of bioluminescence and love.  Musician and ne’er-do-well Jonny Bails is living song to song and joint to joint in Key West.  A late night dip in the ocean and a one night stand with a tourist leave him glowing both literally and figuratively.  He’s picked up a condition that gives him the gift of bioluminescence, and he’s been cursed by feelings of love for Leila, a one night stand.  Jonny struggles to both understand his sudden illuminating talents and his newly discovered ability to fall in love.  What is a poor glowing Florida Keys boy to do?

This is a Sci-Fi book like you’ve never encountered. I’m somewhat reluctant to even call it a Sci-Fi novel. It’s a character driven story that makes it a multi-genre vehicle. It’s got a little Carl Hiaasen feel to it mixed in with a tiny bit of Alan Dean Foster.  Setting and the laid back mood of the book make it a truly fun and unique read.  I give it a big recommend.  If you like debauchery at the hands of a skilled storyteller, this is well worth the read.

How did I find out about this book?  The author “Friended” me on Facebook.  After several months of enjoying his status updates that very rarely had anything to do with his book, I decided to check out his novel.  It just so happened the day I looked it up, it was available for free on the Kindle.  He has no idea I’ve read his book, nor does he know I’ve posted this review.  The only reason you (and he) know I read it is because I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Kudos J. Lee Glassman.  I look forward to your next book.

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