I TOLD YOU SO!!!! – Warning this post contains Breaking Bad Spoilers

Could he come knocking again?

Could he come knocking again?

I know some of you are still getting into the Breaking Bad phenomenon, and you haven’t seen the entire series as of yet.  Out of deference to you, I am going to make this first paragraph filler so you can have adequate time to back out of this post and not cast your eyes upon the major spoiler below.  If you don’t wish to know how Walter White’s saga ends stop reading… NOW!

(BTW – What is wrong with you people?  I’ve watched the entire series twice already!)

This goes out to all those people who thought I was crazy.  I told you before, and I’ll say it again.  HE’S NOT DEAD!  The producers brilliantly left the ending open to interpretation.  It was so brilliant most viewers thought it wasn’t open to interpretation at all.  They walked away convinced Walt was dead.  But not this rabid – bordering on irrational – fan of all things Breaking Bad.  No, no, no! I immediately turned to my wife and said, “He’s not dead.”  I told the clerk at the store, “He’s not dead.”  I told my dentist, “He’s not dead.”  I told the Girl Scout at the neighborhood Bi-Lo selling cookies, “He’s not dead.”  They all looked at me like I was crazy.  “He’s dead,”they assured me. “You’re out of your mind,” they snarked.  “We’re out of thin mints,” the Girl Scout said mockingly.

But today I am vindicated.  Today, Bryan Cranston himself has hinted to what I’ve been saying all along, “He’s not dead.”  In a post on Time.com, Cranston refused to rule out a Breaking Bad comeback saying, “You never saw bags zip up or anyone say … you know.”

My guess is that within five years we’ll be watching Walt breaking out of prison to save his family the only way he knows how, the Heisenberg way.  My hat’s off to Cranston for playing the uncertainty card in true Heisenberg fashion.  

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