#IndieBookWednesday – Wicked Temper by Randy Thornhorn

A instant Southern classic

A instant Southern classic

In my continuing effort to shine a light on indie authors, allow me to turn your attention to one Randy Thornhorn.  I found myself waiting in a situation in which I had nothing to do but search for good books in the Kindle store for about two hours on Monday, and I found a book I had heard about earlier titled Wicked Temper written by the aforementioned Randy Thornhorn.

It’s Southern Fiction which is my not so secret literary passion.  I love the settings, the characters, the dialogue, and the dialect offered up on in a good Southern tome, and Wicked Temper is not good.  It’s great.  Great may not even be an effusive enough word.  It’s a classic in the vein of William Faulkner, Harper Lee, Cormac McCarthy, and Erskine Caldwell (my personal favorite).  Yet, it is a much darker voice all its own.  There’s an underlying deep moan of creepiness throughout this story that lets you feel the soaring trek of ruin the main characters Tizzy and Matthew are on.  They set out on a life of crime to escape their dismal childhoods only to fall into the hands of a charismatic backwoods deviant.

This book deserves to be read and shared for generations to come.  It is currently only $1.99 on Kindle.  That’s an insanely low price for a book this good.   Buy it.  Read it. Tell your friends. This is the kind of indie book that deserves the attention.  It has made me realize that my alter-ego, C. Hoyt Caldwell, has miles to go before he reaches this level of storytelling.

BTW – I heard about this book on Facebook.  A few weeks ago someone (I can’t remember who) posted a link to the book.  I read the summary and committed it to memory because I found it interesting.  I’m just sorry it took me so long to actually get back to the book and read it.

6 thoughts on “#IndieBookWednesday – Wicked Temper by Randy Thornhorn

  1. Well, Mr. R. W. Ridley I did voice my opinion on your latest book and your unique writing style which was recommended to me bt this so called Indie writer Randy Thornhorn!!! I love Randy’s writing , which I really do not consider “Indie ” ! Where I live in Oxford, MS, home to William Faulkner, Larry Brown, Tom Franklin, Ace Atkins, and many more authors I do not have room to name, call this writing , Southern Grit Lit or Southern Noir . Either way the writers use similar settings in rural areas, characters who are disturbed in some way that cause evil or wicked conflicts yet you sympathize with these infected characters because of past actions that have lead to their demise. There are also innocent characters that represent the good that is possible in some way to survive in the face of evil.,the twisted values of Southern religious influences, political, racial, and dysfunctional familial influences are often addressed in Southern Grit. These stories have been carried long through the past and into modern times of the poor whites and the blacks. No, not even the rich miss the effects of conflicts in these dark gothic stories. They are disturbing and are almost always based on truth which makes this type of literature popular with all. Randy Thornhorn is very good with this style. I like yours too! I am glad Randy introduced me!!!

    I am following and will keep passing the word !!!

    • I guess I meant “indie” in the generic sense in Randy’s case. I don’t understand why he’s not bigger – Cormac McCarthy big. He’s a rare talent. I’m glad you’re following. Now I’ll have to try and be more interesting. 🙂

  2. Thank you for being so nice ! I do want to read more of your work . I graduated from Ole Miss with several degrees as I tried Retail, Management and Marketing and then decided after a car accident in the height of December sales with a broken jaw and surgery., retail was not kind to anxious entrepreneurs working fast up a ladder with one day off a year!!! I took a test and teaching and communication skills careers came about! I have always loved to read. It has been my comfort, peace, freedom, laughter, knowledge key to everything in the world. I am also a giver. One of my favorite poems is : I THE GIVER LOVE BY RUMI ! you should read it. So I became a teacher. While teaching I have been working on that MFA in English. Then I made the fatal error — I married! That took about 7 years away and now I am planning on returning to finish and this time I am going to switch to MFA in Creative Writing! LOL! My cousin was Larry Brown. His son Shane just moved home to Tula, MS and will probably living in my MaMaw’s old home on the hill. We have all reconnected. Now I think he has a natural talent for the writing too. Sounds good on guitar.
    Got to catch up on many book reviews tomorrow. Have a nice one.

    • Ha – Well, I’m glad to see you’ve recovered from your fatal error. I’ve considered pursuing an MFA in creative writing too, but life keeps getting in the way. Best of luck to you.

      • Best to you sir! I am definitely going to be reading your reads and I hope we can get Randy Thornhorn off to a good start too! My blog is in a Technological under construction stage again. I just adjust something sometimes and you would thing the world was on tilt a whirl !!! So, I put a quote up and wait until I can work on the thing , which has to be tomorrow!!! Your blog looks good. Randy’s looked really good too with the video. I have another writer friend who is a professor in Asheville, NC and his Blog used a video too. It must be a new thing in marketing . I will have to read some of your blog entries too! Have a nice Sunday! Really like the picture with the blue shirt because it does bring out your eyes. Ever try background surroundings and good old black and white. Something vintage… I love photography. I just started playing with it this year.

        Good night!!

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