Say hello to C. Hoyt Caldwell and his very beardy face

By the narrowest of margins – I’m talking by one vote – this is the new C. Hoyt Caldwell author photo.  And spoiler alert, the new R.W. Ridley author photo may look very similar because I hate taking author photos.  I do not want to waste a day doing that again. Now I know why I’ve had the same series of photos for 4 years.  The good news is I look 10 years older than I actually am so there’s really no need to take a new photo every year.  Soeth endeth the swimsuit competition portion of our publishing pageant.  Clearly there were no winners here.

I should mention that “Option Brad Pitt” got the most votes by an enormous margin, but as I am not Brad, and he has a team of attorneys, I’m afraid his photo was not an actual option. I’ll work on my six-pack and do my best Brad Pitt pose for the next photo.

The winner by default

The winner by default

3 thoughts on “Say hello to C. Hoyt Caldwell and his very beardy face

  1. I think this is a very rugged look for a writer who writes the type of literature you write! Rugged and to be read fast paced as thrilling , and full of interesting characters and unique settings as readers whom do not usual find themselves exposed are those unique stories you have underneath that hat and behind those Steele blue eyes. Yep! This picture suits you fine!

    • Thank you, irenadawn. I appreciate the compliments. I took a beating by some of my good ol boy friends, so it’s nice to hear a positive amongst the ribbings.

  2. Glad you appreciate a woman’s POV!!! I found out about you from your good buddy and mine Randy Thornhorn!!! I wrote you a bit about me and how I liked his work too under your topic Indie Author Profiles!! Take a look! Sorry about my pic my blog is under construction due to Tecnological brain syndrome TBS. I HAVE A SEVERE CASE !!! HA !
    Good Evening!

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