Post one of my kinda sorta NaNoWriMo effort

Here we go!  November is National Novel Writing Month here in the Americas… and the Englands… and the Europes… And the Spains… etc. And, I, your’s truly, will be kinda sorta participating.  The book I will be writing is Fire and Forget Soldier, the true story of Lee Deckelman.  So right off the bat it doesn’t qualify for official inclusion into the novel writing event because it’s not a novel.  I’ve also already written 12,000 words, and I believe NaNoWriMo rules state that you can’t have contributed anything to the actual content of the book before the start of the writing marathon.  I’m simply doing this to keep me honest and on task.  If I make a spectacle of myself by making my intentions known in a very public way, I’m more likely to follow through so as to not look like a fraud.  My plans are to write 1,680 words a day for the entire month to reach the goal of 50,000 words.  And, at EOD, I will post my progress right here on this very blog.  Lucky you.

As word turd Spock indicates below, we start at zero.  Wish me luck!

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