Rewrites and a note to beta readers

My pain. My joy. My Life.

My pain. My joy. My Life.

This is how I’m spending my days for the foreseeable future. I am in the throes of rewrites on the first Pearl of Justice novel, which is still without a title.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the rewrite process, it’s painful. I’m not going to compare it to childbirth because I am a man and that would get me shot or castrated in most states. I obviously couldn’t possibly know that kind of pain, but I am free to compare the process to getting a rectal examine from a doctor with an index finger the size of a Buick.

This rewrite is especially challenging because I’m trying to find minor fixes and tweaks to swap out protagonists’ roles, and I’m trying to do it without losing a lot of existing character development. It’s not so much like pulling a tablecloth out from under a fully set dinner table and leaving the setting intact, it’s more like pulling the table out and expecting the tablecloth and setting to hover in midair.  I’ll find a way to pull it off, but I may have to break a few laws of physics and common sense to do it.

To the beta readers of The Closeout Kings, may I be turn to you for title suggestions? You all did a terrific job of giving me pre-publication advice, so why not take advantage of your generosity and creative acumen again?   What would you name a book about Deputy Dani Pearl?  Non beta readers feel free to chime in too, here or on Facebook.

As the Pope would say, “Do I have to wear this funny hat?” Errr – I mean, pray for me.

One thought on “Rewrites and a note to beta readers

  1. Hi,
    I did some beta reading for you on a couple of Oz books. Would love to join the ‘beta team’ again on future work!

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