Don’t be so quick to dismiss television

Raiders of the Missed Opportunity

Raiders of the Missed Opportunity

I had an epiphany about my story this morning, and it came courtesy The Big Bang Theory – the TV Show, not the birth of the universe. That’s right, I found a possible fix to a kink in a Southern thriller novel about deadbeat crackers and corrupt backwoods cops thanks to a sitcom about physicists in California.  To confuse matters even more, this flash of insight comes via a particular episode of The Bang that is about a loophole in the story structure of Raiders of the Lost Ark. So, if you’re keeping score, that’s an action adventure movie to TV sitcom to Southern thriller novel.  How weird is that?

I’m a fan of television. Would that I could go back in time and write for All in the Family, and I’ve always said that Breaking Bad is a Master’s class in character development. I just watched the entire series from beginning to end for the third time, and I’ve come to realize that I should add story structure and dialogue to the list of things any writer of fiction in any medium can learn from Breaking Bad.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to insert Sheldon Cooper as Indiana Jones in my contemporary Southern thriller – Damn, I’ve said too much.

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