May the wrath of god strike you down!!!!

So, last month I posted the embedded video of flash flooding in my neighborhood in Charleston. Of course, it’s become a bit more popular with the new round of flooding in the area this past weekend. People have mistakenly thought it is footage of the latest floodwaters. Unfortunately, we’ve had flood conditions in Chucktown that last two months.  I’m posting the video here today because of the following comments left on YouTube.

I want to see more rain dumped on you guys!!! May the wrath of god strike you down!!!!

I’m not exactly sure if by “guys” he means “guys” I personally know and love, or Charlestonians or South Carolinians or Carolinians or humans.  Whether it’s the royal “guys” or more specific “guys,” our saving grace is that he went with the lowercase god, so the big guy wasn’t called in to apply his wrathiness.


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