The Today Show Plays Fast and Loose with the Truth in Post-Debate Poll

I’m in the middle of my coffee-infusion ritual this morning, watching the Today show as I work up the energy to get back to rewrites. The morning show has been excitedly proclaiming from the opening bell about new poll results that show Hillary has “opened up” her lead against Bernie after the debate.  I was a little shocked because every online poll I’ve seen shows that a wide-margin of viewers thought that Bernie had won the debate. I realize online polls are easy to manipulate, so I had already decided that his numbers were somewhat inflated. More than Bernie supporters voted for him. Hillary haters of the GOP persuasion voted for him too as a “fuck you” to the Clintons.

I watched the segment on the poll results, and they had two columns in a graphic. The left column was for October poll results and the right column was for September poll results.  They showed the post-debate (October) results. Hillary is at 45% and Bernie is at 31%.  They didn’t show September results, not until Biden’s name came on screen. He dropped five points after the debate because – well – he wasn’t in the debate.  They still didn’t show September numbers for Bernie and Hillary, so there was no point of reference to gauge Hillary’s gains over Bernie.  They even showed the October and September numbers for two Republicans – Trump and Carson – to illustrate how the race has tightened in the last month.

Hillary hasn't opened up her lead over Bernie

Hillary hasn’t opened up her lead over Bernie

So why not show the September poll results? Because it didn’t exactly support their narrative that Hillary has “opened up” her lead against Bernie. I went to their own poll results to see if I could figure out the complicated math that prevented them from showing September numbers. This is difficult to figure out, so get ready with your calculators. In September Hillary polled at 42% and Bernie came in at 29%.  So, if you carry the one, and loop around the universe three times with a tape measure you will see that Hillary’s post debate bump was 3% and Bernie’s was 2%. Hillary “opened up” her lead by 1-point in a poll that has a margin of error of +/- 2-points. Even on the website, they describe the results as “fairly unchanged.”

I don’t believe the media is ignoring Bernie because they have a pro-Hillary agenda. I think what we’re witnessing is the influence of Superpacs on elections. The mainstream media outlets are the biggest benefactors of Superpac money. Billions will be spent this election cycle and a huge chunk of that money will be going to the major players in the corporate media cabal. Bernie has sworn off Superpacs. If he wins the Democratic nomination, they will lose a significant amount of revenue. They couldn’t care less if Hillary wins. They really couldn’t, but she brings much more money to the table, so they want her to play over Bernie. It’s really that corrupt and simple.

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