Movie Review: Final Girls

Final Girls - A fun horror spoof with a warm and fuzzy touch

Final Girls – A fun horror spoof with a warm and fuzzy touch

What do you get when you mix Scream with Pleasantville? Well, as it turns out, you get a pretty entertaining film, and Final Girls is that film.  Final Girls is one part spoof, one part thriller, and one part touching. The premise is that an 80’s campground/slasher flick has become a cult classic, and an anniversary showing features Max, the daughter of one of the deceased actresses, in the theater to reluctantly celebrate with the rabid fans. A fire breaks out in the theater because these are unruly slasher geeks who follow zero rules, and bam! Max and her friends and frenemies are transported into the slasher film where they must find a way to defeat the psycho-immortal killer that resembles Jason of Friday the 13th fame. Luckily, one of those who’s entered the film-world is an expert on the movie. Unlucky for them he’s killed soon after stepping onto the campgrounds – actually he’s killed twice. The laughs come from the transported movie-goers trying to convince the characters in the movie that they are indeed in a movie. In order to survive, they have to break the rules of the slasher genre. That means no sex and no nudity.

The movie isn’t as scary as it is fun, and heartwarming. There’s a thrill or two, but the story centers on the lost relationship between mother and daughter. To see them get a chance at a do-over leads to a lump-in-your throat scene.  Taissa Farmiga and Malin Akerman have great chemistry as mother and daughter, you can’t help but pull for them.

I give Final Girls a big recommend, and I sense a sequel in the near future.  

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