The Pearl of Justice Mysteries update

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

You may have noticed that the blog has the new domain name,  We are in pre-launch mode for the Pearl of Justice Mysteries, and the domain name change is just the first step. I’m really excited to dive deeper into Dani Pearl’s world, and I can’t wait to bring y’all along with me. The first book is in the hands of my editor at this moment and is temporarily titled The Deputy. While I’m waiting for his feedback, I’ve started to piece together the outline for the second book in the series. I’ve got lots-o plans for Dani. Step and Kenny will play a smaller role in the next book, but some of the secondary characters will be stepping up their games, and I’m really looking forward to finding out more about them. I’ve also got plans for some new characters, including a good/bad guy to act as Dani’s foil and accomplice.

For Oz fans, don’t worry, Book Seven is coming. If need be, I’ll release it in chunks to make up for the delay. That’s just an idea at this point. It’s a scary step because it doesn’t give me much room for error and makes rewrites really, really difficult.

Stay tuned.

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