Movie Review: Kristy

As is the norm for me, I woke up Sunday morning and sipped on a cup of joe while I got my Netflix horror fix on. This week the movie of choice was Kristy, a movie I hadn’t heard of and initially, I passed it up based on the description. It was essentially described as a college campus slasher film. Slasher horror has been so over-done lately, and I didn’t have much interest in watching a bunch of half-naked sorority girls running from some guy wearing a mask and wielding a large sharp-edged tool of some kind. I searched for an alternative, but nothing really struck me as worthy of my coffee time, so I went back to Kristy and took a chance based on the 3.5 star rating.

And, I’m glad I did. It was a slasher film, and it does have some guys in masks, but it was different. There were no mindless jocks and cheerleaders getting picked off one-by-one. It was about a young college coed staying on campus by herself while her classmates all go home for Thanksgiving. Much to her misfortune, she’s targeted by a twisted cult of killers as their next victim. Ultimately, this was a story about a survivor learning how to defend herself and kick some major ass. It was a fun, completely satisfying ride. If you’re tired of the slasher flick formula, I urge you to give this movie a shot because it turns the genre on its head.  It was well worth my coffee time.  I give this my full pot rating.

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