Religion Is the Problem

War is not the answer

War is not the answer

If that headline offends you, it should. It’s ridiculous to make such a blanket statement. Religion didn’t attack Paris. Islam didn’t attack Paris. A fringe group of religious fanatics attacked Paris. Muslim extremists attacked Paris. To blame it on every religion is as irresponsible as blaming it on all Muslims. Being that culturally reductive and simple minded is dangerous because painting with such broad strokes is in and of itself extremism, and it can lead to a thirst for misplaced retribution. Historically, the death of both innocence and innocents is the cost of such ignorance, and we are left with a growing horde of terrorists. In essence, we are caught in a continuing cycle of inhumanity.

This is the time for nonbelievers, believers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, people of every faith to come together and refuse to give in to the hatred. Religion is not the problem. Muslims are not the problem. Peace is the answer.

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