Without Courage or Compassion, Y’all


This is a Syrian child. She’s just spotted a cameraman. Mistaking his camera for a gun, she puts her hands up hoping she won’t be shot. Southern governors in America will not give her shelter.

Without Courage or Compassion. That is the American South I woke up in this morning. A certain segment of this country’s political ilk has turned away from Syrian refugees and declared them less than because they are Muslim. Red state governors, with overwhelming support from their constituents, have banned these people running from famine and war from finding shelter within their states’ borders. These children of God have no country and apparently no worth. I am ashamed to say my Southern brethren have chosen ignorance and fear over courage and compassion. This Jesus they pray to, this Middle Eastern man they call their savior, this Son of God whose family was once denied refuge, He is a stranger to them.  We in the South once again find ourselves on the wrong side of history. Unfortunately, that is our heritage.

I’m aware governors outside of the South have made the same decision, but I’m speaking as a Southern American today. Not one Southern governor has made the compassionate or courageous choice. That is a great source of shame for every Southerner. We are led by cowards.

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