Pearl of Justice Update

So, diving into the second Pearl of Justice Mystery before the first one is completed has turned out to be a very edifying experience. It is a stand alone story, but there are a few bridge elements from book to book. The first draft of the outline for book two is done. It maps out 101 chapters in very minimal detail. It spans three pages, and the notes on each chapter amount to disjointed sentences that mean very little to anyone else but me. Basically I said, “This should happen here” 101 times.

face 2a

I have the bones. The next step is to add some meat to the bones. I’ll start with a 50 word breakdown of each chapter and then follow that up with about a 200 word breakdown of each chapter. By the time this thing is done, I’ll just plug in some dialogue and BAM! Detective Dani Pearl is taking down backwoods crackers once again.

The release date for the first book – currently titled The Deputy – is July, 2016.


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