Stay classy, Murica – or at the very least, stay American.

I’m staying off Facebook today because I’ve got tons of work that requires my brain firing on all cylinders, and sometimes Facebook makes my brain shutdown. This post will automatically post, but other than that, I can’t Facebook for now because, frankly, it’s heartbreaking. A tragedy always makes Facebook an emotionally draining venue, but this time around it’s intensified because I’ve seen so many jettison the basic ideals by which they claim to live.

I don’t know the Shaun King featured below (I know the guy who played QB for Tulane and Tampa), but I appreciate his commitment to his principles.As we’ve seen, fear can make you abandon your beliefs in very short order.


It’s telling that Ted Cruz wouldn’t even pass this basic Christianity test when he is proposing such a test for the Syrian refugees. I’m torn because if this test would result in removing Cruz from our country, I want to support it, but in the end, I have to stand by my principles that a “religious” test is grotesquely un-American.

As I’ve stated on many occasions, I am not Christian. I follow no religion. I’m sure I would not pass Cruz’s test, nor, in all candor, would I pass the test above. The difference between Cruz and me is that I think the Christian doctrine Mr. King has outlined is worth honoring, not denouncing.

BTW – We can take care of our Veterans and the homeless and 10,000 refugees. To suggest otherwise, is a politically motivated stance. It’s time we make a humanitarian stance and help those in need, period.

Friends are friends, and I won’t end a relationship just because I think they are wrong, but by God, they are going to know exactly how I feel. Innocent people are in tremendous peril, and we should lead by giving them a safe haven because it’s the right thing to do.

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