The number one question I’ve gotten since announcing my book deal


Please silence your cell phones. The movie version of The Takers is about to start?

So, this weird and wonderful thing has happened since I announced my book deal with Penguin Random House. Beyond the incredible support from friends and fans, I’ve gotten one question over and over again.

Does this book deal mean there will be a The Takers movie?

The short answer is no. I signed the deal under my pen name, C. Hoyt Caldwell. Hoyt writes Southern thrillers. The deal is for a mystery series called The Pearl of Justice Mysteries. Deputy Dani Pearl is woman trying to make it in a man’s world in God’s country.  She’s got a  foul mouth, a nose for trouble and a mean left hook.  The Takers and the other Oz  Chronicles books feature Oz Griffin trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world. By contrast, Dani is trying to survive a pre-apocalyptic South.

The Takers, at one time, had interest from the big publishers, and I even talked to a couple of guys from Paramount about a movie version back in 2007. I have no idea how high up in the organization they were. They could have been part of the maintenance crew for all I know, but they did have Paramount studios email addresses. At any rate, the interest from publishers and studios alike has waned. That is to be expected. There’s a lot of great material out there, so it’s tough to even get your foot in the door.

A foot in the door is what I now have. Should The Pearl of Justice Mysteries do well, there will be more books, and perhaps renewed attention will be given to Oz and his plight. So, will there be a movie version of The Takers?  If I do my job and deliver on The Pearl of Justice Mysteries, the chances are greatly increased.

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