How to make Donald Trump go away


When will the media make Trump get off his ass and earn this thing?

Dear media,

I need your help. America needs your help. Donald Trump must go, and I have a plan to make that happen that doesn’t involve a pistol, a large trunk, and stretch of desert in Nevada.

This is so simple I can’t believe you people haven’t thought of this yourself. Stop doing interviews with him over the phone! He does about 90% of his appearances this way. If you all would just start acting like professional grownup journalists and demand he come into the studio like every other candidate, then he’d go away. He’s too entitled and lazy to get off his ass and come to you. We all know that, and that’s perfect. That’s what we want. Frankly, he doesn’t deserve the presidency if you’re not going to make him work for it. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s how this goes. Trump needs media attention to run a successful campaign. You people don’t need him to run a successful media outlet.  He’s somehow convinced you it’s the other way around. Did he do a douchebag mind trick on you people or something?

Make him earn the spot as GOP front runner. Don’t hand the damn thing to him!


Somebody who shouldn’t have to tell you how to do your job!

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