Buy R.W. Ridley for $0.99


The $0.99 December Blowout Special!

You can own R.W. Ridley for $0.99. Not me in the literal sense, but me in the literary sense. My Oz books and my non-Oz books are now on sale for the whopping low price of $0.99. It’s a (Insert your chosen holiday here) miracle.

I also learned something cool today. Amazon now lets you buy the entire Oz series in a one-click bundle. Nice! Here’s the link: The Oz Chronicles.

The non-Oz titles are as follows:

The Man Who Saved Two Notch by R.W. Ridley

Lost Days by R.W. Ridley

The Prophet of Cradle County by Jackson Goddard

Bad Way Out by C. Hoyt Caldwell

An Oz Extra:

The Takers: The Tenth Anniversary Reimagined Edition by R.W. Ridley

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