Robert Dear is not a loner

I_Stand_With_Plannded_Parenthood-For_Printing_LandscapeRobert Dear is a terrorist. He is a rapist. He is a thug. He is a violent criminal. He is a deranged killer. Robert Dear is not a mentally ill loner. He committed premeditated murder. It took planning. It took a calculated and a well-crafted hatred to pull off.  And, he has a lot of company, scores of Americans who share his ideology and methodology.

Some of his cohorts openly express their admiration for his act. They call what he did courageous. They label him a hero. Others, condemn his actions, but understand his motivation. They claim killing people is never the answer, but then go onto say the legal service of providing abortions is just as abhorrent as what Dear did. This group is worse than those that shout Dear’s praises because they think they are being both magnanimous and true to their beliefs. Understanding his motivation is supporting his actions. You cannot separate the two.

The truth is that Dear had support from the pro-life pro-birth movement before he pulled the trigger of his AK-47. When Ben Carson claimed German Jews could have prevented the holocaust or greatly diminished its devastation had they just been armed, and then when men like Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz compared abortion to the holocaust, even calling it genocide, it is a small leap for many in the movement to connect the dots. Guns can prevent the pro-choice holocaust.

When Carly Fiorina lied about what she claimed to see on an undercover Planned Parenthood video, she fueled the hatred. When the Center for Medical Progress produced the heavily edited video that misrepresented the fetal tissue donation program, they added more fuel to the hatred.  When the news continues to falsely and knowingly report that the video shows the dissection of a viable fetus, they legitimize an armed response in the minds of some of their viewers. When the United States Congress holds partisan congressional hearings to score political points during an election cycle, they legitimize the need for a violent response by a number of their constituents. You cannot strive to stir the passions of your base, and then condemn them for acting passionately.  You created this fever-pitched madness, the least you can do is own it.

So you see, Robert Dear is not a loner. He has peers, and they are legion. They are as angry as him. They are as well-armed as he was. They have as much will as he demonstrated. They feel a calling to murder. We know who they are. They call into radio shows. They state their desires on social media. They aren’t hiding. Why should they? In their minds, they are the righteous ones.  They believe their cause is just.

Here’s the thing about these people, they are easily lead. They can be talked down. They can be directed to nonviolent actions. But that will take those seeking office to end the “say anything” strategy to getting elected.  It will take them demonstrating courage and leadership. From what I’ve seen of them so far, I have little hope any of them are either capable of or are so inclined to do such a thing.

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