A New Staged Reading

As you may know, b10389512_1564615963750068_8929018021791817570_nesides writing books, I’ve been trying my hand at writing stage plays this past year. I’ve written (and rewritten) two full-length plays and a handful of ten minute plays. It’s been challenging and rewarding, and most importantly, it’s been hella fun. Writing a play is much more collaborative than writing a novel. That is to say there are more people involved, particularly if you join a playwright’s group that holds regular cold readings of new works in progress. I’m fortunate enough to have two I get to participate in every month, and I find the whole process fascinating.

To that end, I was attending Writer’s Bloc at 5th Wall Productions last night, and the organizers, Jason Olson and Blair Cadden, graciously offered to do an unscheduled staged reading of my new full-length play, One Bear Lake,  from beginning to end. It’s a comedy about sibling rivalry and cancer, and we’ve been reading it in 10-12 page chunks over the past number of months, and now I get to hear it in it’s entirety. I could not be more pumped and thankful.

The reading is going to be January 24 at 6:00 pm.  If you’re in the Charleston area, come and laugh it up as a group of talented actors portray a family spending their vacation together fighting over carrot cake, marijuana, and cancer.

No, really.

In the meantime, if you want to see a fun musical for the family with an evil toad and original Christmas songs, 5th Wall has a show this weekend by Kem Welch called The Heart of Christmas.  Check it out. Bring the kids. See some cool puppetry.

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