My Resolution for the New Year


Happy New Year!

I resolve in the New Year to always let facts shape my faith. My decisions will be influenced by knowledge not belief. My gut instinct will be informed by observation not aspiration. When I don’t understand a thing, I will strive to know that thing. I will not be blindly obedient. Instead, I will be unrelentingly curious. I will ask more question. I will demand more answers. I will not let old traditions shut down new ones. I will allow myself to be afraid but not frozen by fear. The mistakes I make will be paths to understanding not roadblocks to living. I will celebrate my accomplishments that are achieved through hard work and perseverance, and I will acknowledge the random nature of good fortune when I am blessed by it.  I will show gratitude for earned and unearned riches of any sort. I will not give authority to anyone who isn’t open to change. I will not pay attention to anyone who thinks having the spotlight is their destiny. I will only show reverence to those who put others before their own ambition. I will not seek the approval of others by shaping my life to meet their expectations, but I will earn their respect by what I know, how I treat others, how I face my fears, the manner by which I achieve, and how I take ownership of my mistakes.  Shit, I’m just going to a better damn person in 2016 – who uses more profanity.

One thought on “My Resolution for the New Year

  1. A good and inspiring resolution. k.

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