The Meh Revolution


It’s funny because it’s true.

A lot of my progressive brethren are upset that the media isn’t providing wall-to-wall coverage of the armed Bundy clan  who oafishly seized and now occupy a unmanned federal bird sanctuary in Oregon.  They’ve promised to stay there for years and will answer violence with violence. They aspire to die for their cause. The chief complaint among civilized society is that the 24-hour  newsers have yet to label these clowns as terrorists.

Honestly, I’m glad the news is ignoring them. The Bundy bruhs are throwing a revolution and nobody cares. They aren’t labeled terrorists because they don’t elicit terror. If anything, they should be called clownists or possibly the Cleveland Browns because both names represent comic futility.

Here’s what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. These idiots will not be there for years. They are dozens of emotionally unstable white hicks with more bullets than sense. They will quickly fracture and fall apart. It will start with a trickle and end with a mass exodus. The Bundys will get some friendly pats on the back from the folks at FOX News, and the right wing blogsmear. I’m sure Alex Jones has had an erection since news of the armed band of dimwits capturing an empty building first broke.  But beyond that, no one cares. The lack of attention will eventually take the fun out of their patriot games, and they’ll start to bore even themselves.

Is the media being hypocritical? Yes. Should that bother rational human beings? Yes. These clownists are not protesters. Protesters don’t show up armed and threaten violence. Criminals do that. They should go to jail for attempting to mount a terrorist organization to overthrow the federal government, but we shouldn’t give them the attention they want. They don’t deserve it.  They deserve to be, at most, laughed at and at best, ignored.


2 thoughts on “The Meh Revolution

  1. Laughed so hard at calling them the Cleveland Browns. Excellent commentary!

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