First Rewrite Leads to Major Change – Poll

OPINION.POLL_The Pearl of Justice is about to undergo some changes, and chief among them is it won’t be called The Pearl of Justice anymore, and I need your help in figuring out what it will be called. More on that later.

I got a new editor just before Christmas, and she took the holiday break to read over my manuscript. I was, to say the least, apprehensive. In my mind, there was a distinct possibility she would hate the book, and my hopes and dreams would be bludgeoned to death by Lady Luck once again. As you can see, we writers are filled with gobs of self-doubt.

Fortunately, she not only didn’t hate it, she completely understood the tone and style I was going for. In fact, she felt like the series title, The Pearl of Justice, didn’t represent the gritty nature of the story, and she is right. It is much too soft for Dani, Step, and Kenny.

The problem isn’t just the title. The problem is also with Dani’s last name. Pearl boxed us in, so I made the terrifying decision to change it with the hope that by doing so I would open up our options for a new series title. I literally took a couple of hours and typed out Dani’s professional title (Deputy) and first name with a slew of last names until I could find something that accurately represented the tone of the series.

It wasn’t easy, but the winner is – Deputy Dani Savage, and the title of the first book is Savage Reckoning.  See how that works? Now I need to decide on a new series title, and this is where you come in. This is a one day poll because they want to start working on the artwork for the cover ASAP. HOW COOL IS THAT? Vote now!

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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