Why Trump won’t win the Presidency

Tea Party vs GOP

Trump has created two Republican parties. 

WARNING: Political post to follow!

Today is the day I participate in the primaries in South Carolina. I’m headed out the door to cast a ballot for Bernie Sanders because, frankly, shit has got to change in this country, and he’s the only one in the race who’s proposing the kind of radical ideas that are only radical because they make so much damn sense.  We’ve gotten to the point in America where the right thing to do sounds like the crazy thing to do, and that is sad.

Two thoughts on Trump before I go:

  1. Trump will be in the General Election. It doesn’t matter if he wins the Republican Primary or not. He’s so far down the rabbit hole at this point, his ego won’t let him turn back. He’s on such a Primary high that he’s going to look at any reversal of fortune as dirty tricks by the GOP establishment, and he’s going to launch an independent run if they deny him the nomination. So, like it or not, Donald Trump will be on the ballet in November, one way or another.
  2. Trump will not win the General Election, even in a one-on-one scenario. There’s a lot of panic among Democrats and moderate Republicans alike that if he wins the GOP Primary he’ll win the presidency. It’s not going to happen. Trump can’t beat either Hillary or Bernie for one simple reason. He needs to dramatically diversify his base. Right now he’s the choice of the 35% of white ultra-Conservatives. He’s the devil to about 80% of Latinos and African Americans, which is crucial because you can’t win the White House without minority support. Trump doesn’t have the ability to turn those numbers around. I have no doubt that he’s going to start softening his message little by little. You can see the gears turning in his head. He did a trial run with his half-hearted defense of Planned Parenthood in the last two debates. He’ll slowly start to shift his stance on his most divisive statements, but he’s gone so far to the right, he can’t make up that ground. He won’t lose the support he has now because those people don’t really care what he says. He’s Trump. He’s just not going to make any significant gains after the Primaries.

Believe it or not, Trump has done some good in this election. He’s demonstrated that the GOP needs to reevaluate its current trajectory as a party. Republican’s have to decide between extreme Conservatism and the Constitution because you can’t have both.  Trump wants to strip freedoms away from every demographic that doesn’t look or think like him, and he only has support from one group, those that look and think like him and call themselves Conservatives. Trump essentially is about to do to Conservatives what he did to the USFL. If you’re not familiar with the USFL, that’s my point. Trump joined it and then killed it to placate his ego.   Trump has joined the Tea Party movement, and he’s killing it to placate his ego. For that, he has my thanks. Assholes aren’t pretty, but they serve a purpose.

BTW, there’s only one way I’m wrong about this. If you don’t vote, we are all screwed. VOTE!

Savage Reckoning


Alibi – The Next Generation of Mystery & Suspense

So, you may have noticed that I changed the header image. It is an UNOFFICIAL banner for my alter ego’s – C. Hoyt Caldwell – upcoming release with Alibi (A Penguin/Random House Imprint). What was once a Pearl of Justice Mystery is now a Backwoods Justice Novel featuring Deputy Dani Savage. The title of the first book in the series is Savage Reckoning. The OFFICIAL cover image is being designed as I type this, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Once I have it, I will share it on this blog and Facebook immediately.

Why the changes? I got a new editor at the end of 2015, Julia Maguire and she read the manuscript over the holidays, and she pointed out that the Pearl of Justice didn’t exactly fit the gritty Southern noir vibe of the book.We brainstormed, and I decided the best option was to change Dani’s last name to Savage and that opened up the title possibilities. Julia’s great, by the way. She reached out to me as soon as the editorial change was made and let me know that I was part of a team, and they were going to do everything the could to make C. Hoyt’s book a success.

In addition, to a new editor, book title, and series title, we have a new release date. Savage Reckoning will hit your e-readers on October, 3 2016. It’s been pushed back so we can give it enough time to collect early reviews.  If you’re a reviewer, send me your info and I’ll get your name to the publisher and see if we can get you on a list to receive an electronic ARC.

While we wait for the release date, I am working on book two in the series. It’s already been outlined. I’m just filling in the details. And no, I haven’t forgotten the final book in the Oz Chronicles series. That’s is on my plate, too.  I’ll get there. I promise.


Oh, the horror Harry Potter has wrought!

alawsuitA convoluted fight between bestselling authors has made its way to the courts, and as far as I can tell, whatever the final decision, there won’t be a winner at the end of this poorly plotted legal tale. Sherrilyn Kenyon is suing Cassandra Clare because the latter’s Shadowhunters series is too similar to the former’s Dark-Hunter series. I can’t lend an opinion because I haven’t read a book in either series, but Kenyon doesn’t appear to be making the claim that Clare has plagiarized her work in any way. Her complaint is that Clare’s structure and character archetypes are just too similar to Kenyon’s to be coincidental.

Clare comes from the world of Harry Potter fan fiction where she honed her writing skills by creating stories featuring the Hogwarts gang. She essentially built her brand in J.K. Rowling’s world, and then branched out on her own with the Shadowhunters  series, which unfortunately for her was originally titled Darkhunters. The identical handle, Clare insists, was happenstance and was changed before the first book was published. She claims to have never read any of Kenyon’s books in the Dark-Hunter series.

While I don’t know either author, and I can’t attest to either’s integrity or lack there of, I lean towards supporting Clare in this matter. As many of you know, I am the author of a series called The Oz Chronicles. The first book in the series is called The Takers. The title of the book was fairly easy to come up with, but I struggled finding a series title. In fact, it was just shortly before I published that I decided on The Oz Chronicles, and I called it that because the main character’s name is Oz, and the series chronicles his journey.  It wasn’t until I wrote the second book or maybe even the third book  that I discovered  L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz was part of series called The Oz Chronicles. The identical series titles are purely coincidental, and while the characters and monsters are completely different, the themes of the two series are similar, a stranger in a strange land trying to get back home.

My point is these similarities happen. I’m sure there are dozens of books on the market that are similar to Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter. Some may be purposely similar, others are similar just by chance. It happens. Kenyon’s complaint, I feel, is too broad. My opinion is entirely formed by Slate’s story on the lawsuit. I haven’t read the books, but until someone cites passages that are too similar to be coincidental, I’m giving Clare the benefit of the doubt.

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films

I am of the Electric Boogaloo generation. I tell you this only as a point of information. I do not claim it as a source of pride. A lot of bad movies were made in the 80’s, and I saw most of them.  I was too dazzled by karate kicks, horrible special effects, and explosions to pay attention to the studio that created these schlock-sasters. I just eagerly watched them with equal parts awe and regret.

As it turns out, these movies were produced by a company called Cannon Films, a independent production company co-founded by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, and to their credit, they built the model by which modern independent film works. They just didn’t make that many great films with their model. They made a few films that are considered good to even great. Barfly came from their studio, and Runaway Train is another one that critics loved. But these movies were accidents. Golan and Globus made one crap-tacular movie after another on a shoestring budget, and when the trades would pummel them in the media for making horrible films, they’d throw money at an art house director and give him free rein to make any movie he wanted. That resulted in a few accidental hits.

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films is a documentary about the crazy and baffling antics of Golan and Grobus, and it is endlessly entertaining. For me it was just fun to see the collection of clips from movies I’m embarrassed to admit I watched as a kid, and to be completely frank, I watched them because they had nudity. I had very little parental supervision growing up.

By far the funniest part of the documentary is the section about Clyde the orangutan, made famous by the classic Clint Eastwood film Every Which Way But Loose. Golan had an idea for a movie that would be perfect for Clyde, so what does he do? He schedules a meeting with Clyde. Did I mention that Clyde is an orangutan? The meeting is as hilarious as one would expect. Clyde arrives with his trainer because he’s an ape that can’t drive or negotiate his own deals. It starts off as normal as a meeting can be with an orangutan. Golan addresses questions and comments to the trainer. But, as he excitedly starts to talk about the story idea, he turns to Clyde and talks to him as if the orangutan understands English or human speech. It’s so outrageous it’s funny.

I highly recommend Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films. It’s educational, funny, and yes, it has nudity.  I still have no parental supervision.



A Haunted Ball or Haunted Pond?


The Haunted Ball?

Early yesterday evening, Shorty and I were returning from our walk.  Instead of taking the long way around a couple of our neighbors’ houses, we cut through a small patch of woods and walked around the banks of a small pond, a path that leads directly to our backyard. As we made our way around a bend in the pond, we noticed the above ball floating in the frigid waters.

Shorty, being a small terrier mix with territorial issues, immediately started barking at it. She approached it suspiciously. When we reached it, I could see that it was stuck in some debris in the pond, and Shorty quickly lost interest. I planned on leaving it there with the thought that someone may return for it. It was, after all, a perfectly good ball.  I moved down shore about five feet and unhooked Shorty from her leash so she could get a taste of freedom before we went back in the house.

That’s when I turned to the left and watched the ball do something that didn’t seem natural. It pushed back from the debris and then accelerated in my direction until it came to dead stop in front of me.  It was… strange.  I pulled the ball out of the water expecting to find a fishing line attached to it and a desperate fish trying to release itself from a hook, or a motor that is operated by remote control. Maybe someone was playing a prank on me. Much to my dismay, there was nothing. It was just a ball, a ball with a mind of its own, a ball that seemed interested in getting my attention.

So, now I am left wondering if it is the ball or the pond that is haunted. Thoughts? And does anyone know the number of a good priest… or a bad priest, anyone authorized to perform an exorcism?

But, seriously, what the hell?