A Haunted Ball or Haunted Pond?


The Haunted Ball?

Early yesterday evening, Shorty and I were returning from our walk.  Instead of taking the long way around a couple of our neighbors’ houses, we cut through a small patch of woods and walked around the banks of a small pond, a path that leads directly to our backyard. As we made our way around a bend in the pond, we noticed the above ball floating in the frigid waters.

Shorty, being a small terrier mix with territorial issues, immediately started barking at it. She approached it suspiciously. When we reached it, I could see that it was stuck in some debris in the pond, and Shorty quickly lost interest. I planned on leaving it there with the thought that someone may return for it. It was, after all, a perfectly good ball.  I moved down shore about five feet and unhooked Shorty from her leash so she could get a taste of freedom before we went back in the house.

That’s when I turned to the left and watched the ball do something that didn’t seem natural. It pushed back from the debris and then accelerated in my direction until it came to dead stop in front of me.  It was… strange.  I pulled the ball out of the water expecting to find a fishing line attached to it and a desperate fish trying to release itself from a hook, or a motor that is operated by remote control. Maybe someone was playing a prank on me. Much to my dismay, there was nothing. It was just a ball, a ball with a mind of its own, a ball that seemed interested in getting my attention.

So, now I am left wondering if it is the ball or the pond that is haunted. Thoughts? And does anyone know the number of a good priest… or a bad priest, anyone authorized to perform an exorcism?

But, seriously, what the hell?

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